Nike shoes don’t have size 37 shoes

Speaking of what sports brand is the most popular, many people will think of Nike. As a well-known brand in the world, Nike has many customers, and there is no age limit. Middle-aged people who are young enough to go to school and older than fashionable enough like to wear Kerry Noodle products, especially shoes. Sales have been very stable. Although the price is a little more expensive than that of ordinary brands, the quality is guaranteed, so we will not care about the price. Recently on the Internet, a hot topic among netizens is related to Nike brand. Why don’t you have 37 size shoes?

Girls usually have small stature types, so the length of their feet is not big enough, so in choosing the number of shoes, there will be wearing 37 yards, so many netizens said that they can not buy 37 yards in Nike Store, so they are very frustrated, so they can only try on 36.5 yards or 37.5 yards to see if the two yards fit, if they are too big or too small, they can only choose to wear 36.5 yards. Give up buying.

In fact, there is a rumor that in Western countries, people think 37 is unlucky. Just as people in our country think 4 is unlucky, some families who hold wedding banquets will take 4 out of their lives just for the sake of good luck. So as a Western brand, Nike naturally won’t design 37 shoes.

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