Nike automatic lacing sneakers has bugs

Nike Adapt BB is a pair of sneakers that Nike sold during the NBA All-Star weekend this year. On Nike’s official website, it is described as a new era of sneakers, because it has Nike Mag, HyperAdapt 1.0 similar “automatic lacing” function.

People just need to put their feet in their shoes, and the invisible motor in the Adapt BB shoes will work automatically, pulling the Flyknit upper and wrapping your feet gently.

Compared with Nike Mag and HyperAdapt 1.0, Nike Adapt BB’s relative “people-friendly price” makes it popular with users once it is sold, but soon, this pair of “futuristic” footwear has brought troubles to some users.

According to foreign media Mashable, some users who use Android smartphones to pair sneakers have found that one of Nike Adapt BB’s shoes does not match the Nike Adapt application, which makes it impossible to use the function of adjusting the tightness of shoelaces by using mobile applications, let alone customize the RGB lights on shoes.

Now, after the app doesn’t work properly, Nike Adapt BB, a $350 pair of “automatic lacing” sneakers, has become uninteresting to some users. Of course, you can still squat down and use the buttons on the side of your shoes to adjust the tension, but it has become less cool.

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