Nike says it is working hard to repair damaged smart sneakers

Nike said the revamped version is starting with its worn Adapt BB smart sneakers, and a few days later Android updates made some of them unusable. The $350 Adapt BB went on sale last weekend, and users soon started reporting problems.

Some people report that left or right sneakers cannot be paired after trying to update through a matching Android application. This means that sneakers cannot be tightened or properly worn. Some users say that the updates cause the motor to stop working, so even the physical buttons don’t work.

A Nike spokesman told The Verge, “We are seeing isolated connection issues related to the Nike Adapt BB setup and are actively working to address them. If this happens to consumers, we encourage them to contact Nike Consumer Services. ”

At present, shoes can sometimes be fixed by hard reset, including holding down the two buttons of the sneakers. Then shoes should match. This problem does not seem to affect iOS users.

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