The future of nike shoes

In addition to the convenience of technological advances, Nike’s super-adaptive self-wearing shoes are no different. They look exactly like other ordinary sneakers and somewhat obscure the fact that they are incredibly innovative.

The concept of Nike sneakers designed by Carotta seems to come from the future. Compared with hard shell parts and gloss/matte finishing, they don’t look or feel like traditional shoes at all. Except for familiar outlines, this is definitely a good thing.

Designed to highlight future aspects of shoes, make sure that you, concept sneakers with red lace, stand well in black sneakers. The laces go from the sole to the front of the shoe and then to the heel, where they are connected to a motor triggered by a button. By pressing the button, the motor tightens the shoelaces and holds them in place. The second tap will loosen the laces so that you can slide them out!

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