Nike will launch the first automatic lacing basketball shoes

Nike recently released an ADA BB basketball shoe that can tie shoes automatically. According to the company, the new sneakers are designed to provide basketball players with “genuine customized clothes”. The built-in power lacing system, called FitAdapt, can be adjusted manually or by using smartphone applications. It can tighten or tighten automatically by pressing a button on the shoes or operating through a smartphone. Release.

Adapt BB is not much different from ordinary sneakers. Its working principle is that after wearing it, the motor and gear systems of the control system begin to tighten the shoelaces and provide about 32 pounds of force to ensure that the foot is well wrapped. Nike official website said that it will even update the firmware to add the preset rules to adapt to the tige of the shoelaces during the warm-up before the race.

At the same time, the user can further adjust the tightening through the two buttons on the side of the shoe or the matching APP. The next time you wear shoes, Adapt BB will remember your tightness preferences and automatically adjust to the last position.

And Nike Adapt BB is equipped with 505 milliampere batteries. It only takes 3 hours to charge each time. After that, it can be used continuously for 2 weeks to support wireless charging. Just put the shoes on the matching charging pad.

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