The size knowledge of nike shoes

Nike is not our country. It doesn’t have shoes of size 37. It is also manufactured in strict accordance with American customs. Their shoe sizes are different from those in our country. That 36.5 size means 37. So it seems that there is no, but in fact there is.

On the other hand, for Americans, there are a number of implicatures that are not good, and they will try to avoid that number to some extent. Like us Chinese, we hope to have a good meaning, no matter what can go smoothly. So 37 is a bad number for them. So if we can ignore it, we will ignore it and replace it with others.

However, some people will be confused, since there is no size 37, but some people buy, occasionally. The more knowledgeable professionals also said the reason, that is, those who buy this code, must have little in-depth knowledge of Nike. As a famous brand shoes, the price is relatively high, but it is very comfortable to wear.

Usually those genuine stores do not have shoes of this size, they sell genuine shoes. But now there are too many fake and inferior products. Some businesses will make some shoes of size 37 in order to make money. Of course, this is not authentic. If you can buy this code, then congratulations have won the prize.

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